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In a Hip-Hop world where rappers seem to come a dime a dozen, "Khizman" is a rare breed of Emcee. Born March 19, 1981, in the Commonwealth of Virginia, this diamond in the rough developed a deep love for music early in life. Citing legends such as "Earth Wind & Fire" & "The O'Jays" as influences for his infatuation, Khizman soon found a connection with the Hip-Hop styles of "Slick Rick" & "EPMD." Although rhyming since the age of 12, Khizman's talent began to take true form in 1996, as he attempted to sharpen his verbal skills at the cafeteria battlefield of Green Run High School. After countless victories, the young stallion began galloping to neighboring schools to not only challenge, but to crush any and all opposition. This hunger would not be denied.

In 2000, Khizman connected with an emcee collective, known as "DMP", which was spearheaded by super Producer and Virginia native "Nottz." The group sparked a serious local buzz, opening up shows for the likes of "Nas", "Ludacris", and "Freeway" to name a few. In 2002 an ode to the song Mary Jane called "Don't Wanna Give That Up," became the weed-smokers anthem, garnering the group national attention on the radio and in the streets. Despite negotiations with major labels, and performing at showcases for the likes of "Sony/Universal," "SRC" and various others, the crew decided to go a different route, releasing "Nottz Presents.... DMP the Mixtape" in 2005 independently through "Koch Records."

In 2006, Khizman put his career in overdrive, releasing his freshman solo effort "No More Mr. Nice Khi." Determined to reach a broader audience, Khizman's scorching lyrics can be heard alongside "The Clipse" on the opening track of Ubisoft's "And 1 Streetball"....the Video Game. Khizman has also collaborated with a host of industry standouts including "Snoop Dogg," "Amerie," and "Little Brother," etc...., proving that he belongs amongst the elite. The burgeoning artist is also responsible for penning and performing the hook for the song "One Night," on "The Game's" Platinum selling sophomore LP "Doctors Advocate."

Khizman is on pace to becoming a household name by strategically paving his own lane straight to your front door. Equipped with versatility, witty lyricism, and a charisma all of his own, it is now time for the world to take notice and for rappers to get used to second place to Khizman .... The Trophey Winner!

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