For twenty-eight year old Imhotep, hip hop is a lasting form of communication between the speaker and the self. In his time on the mic Imhotep, born Ubiquitous beanz The Nebula, seeks to reacquaint fans with "real" rhyming. His soul music, documents core values, history, and true-to-life struggles through authentic drum culture. Like other real lyricists, his style is as vicious as it is uplifting. What else would you expect with influences including Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, KRS One, Brand Nubian, Biggie, Nas, 2pac, Super Natural, Slick Rick, Guru from Gangstar, Mos-Def, Talib, Common, Big Pun, Ghostface, The Whole Wu and Busta Rhymes. Many tracks are "anthem" themed, blending raw vocal energy with bangin percussion patterns and exquisite samples. Now teaming with producer Kameleon, Imhotep continues his personal legacy of epic rhyming since his start twelve years ago. Also in his
repertoire are sincere testimonials, akin to Native Son, by Richard Wright. When asked what he'd like to leave behind when it's that time, Imhotep paused before answering, "I'm working on that right now. My legacy is in the verses of these songs. The message of power through unity is what I will leave behind in my humble passing." It ain't hard to tell, with such a progressive outlook his message is sure to reach the masses. Peace. "Radio waves last forever"_Imhotep -- Quazar...That's us, That's the Movement.

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